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Chicks Friday

Well...Bob is definitely more than just a chick. I will write why in a minute.


At the end of school on Friday I found Miss Pounder, Miss Armstrong and Mrs Summerill all looking worried in Mrs Ryders classroom. "The eggs are chirping!" Miss Armstrong said, really concerned. We all decided that someone would have to take the sgss. So Mrs Summerill has taken all of the eggs, My chicks have come home with one of Mrs Ryders and Miss Pounder has taken the rest if the chicks home. 


As I left school Bob chirped at the top of his lungs. It sounded like he was shouting "Save us!" Once I got onto the A 1 he was quiet and they chirped quietly all the way home.


Patrick helped me to clean them out. We stood them in a Quality Street tub and found out the strangest thing. If there are fewer than 3 chicks in the tub they jump out. More than 3 and they just sit there! Weird hey?


At half six Mr Lakey arrived home and loved the chicks. so far the cats don't seem to have realised there are chicks in the house. Let's hope it continues that way!



I'm really excited that we are breaking up for a week, after all of our hard work recently with SATS etc.

I think I might have to have a few days at my caravan with my dog Tyke and my daughter Olivia (she loves going to the discos in the clubhouse)

But first I am going to be really brave and attempt to clean my Bens bedroom!!! 

I think I will definitely need lots of bin bags because it is really really messy!!!!!!!!!


Y3/4LG Penelope Rots and the Chocolate Factory

In a large town, on the East coast of England there lived a small girl called Penelope.  She had won a world record for the longest hair! In fact she had never, ever, in her whole life, had it cut! It was as long as an elephants trunk and shimmered in the sunlight.  Her golden brown hair was always tield with the most delicate, sparkly, ruby, red bow.

Yo Ho Heave Ho

If you want to write a fantastic adventure story about pirates I have a few tips for you. 


1.  Make up a hero pirate. This will need to be an adult male who is the ship's Captain.  We made ours using Hero Maker on the computer.


2. Make up a villian pirate to fight him and stop him on his adventures.


3.  Plan the adventure - my pirate is hunting for Ancient Gold.


4. Finally remember paragraphs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, simple and compound sentences.


Please let me see your finished stories.

Digital Technology in the classroom

I am feeling so excited :D at the thought of using digital technology in the classroom.  This morning I have been looking on a lot of teacher's BLOGs about using iPads in the Primary classroom and have lots of ideas to try. 

The challenge is the fact that I want you all to learn as many skills as you can so that you are equipped for the future. A lot of the Apps people have told me about are games...what I am looking for are Apps that will allow you to develop your ICT skills. Apps that will let you turn your guided reading comic strip from a paper and pencil excercise, to a digital task of creating an animation of your cartoon to post on our website.

Does anyone have any ideas we could use? I would really appreciate your help.

Mrs L.

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